Evaluation of Critical Success Factors of ISO 14001 Certificated: A Case Study from Electronic Corporation in Taiwan

H. L. Hai1, Bonnie Han2, J. H. Lai1 , H. S. Zeng1, Y. K. Hung1 and H. C. Chang1






As the climate continues to change and environmental issues in the global enterprises while pursuing profitable, have become a top priority of the organizations operating considerations. Hai et al. (Journal of Crisis Management, 2015, 12(2), 9-20) study the critical success factors of ISO 14001 certificated of “A” electronics company in Taiwan. They illustrate a new approach based on the use of vote-ranking method that was developed to assist in multi-criteria decision-making problems. In this paper, we expand to survey the range of questionnaires for 101 respondents. We will compare the different results of critical success factors (CSFs) and set a standard operation procedure as the references to the environmental evaluation and management for ISO14001 certification.

Keywords: Vote-ranking method; ISO14001 Environmental Management System; Critical Success Factors (CSFs)