Evaluation of Critical Success Factors of ISO 14001 Certification: A Case Study from A Electronics Company in Taiwan

H. L. Hai, K. M. Wang, Y. T. Li, P. R. Weng, Y. R. Lin and H. J. Liang

實踐大學 資訊管理系





As the climate continues changing and environmental issues in the global enterprises while pursuing profitable, they have become a top priority of the organizations operating considerations. In Taiwan, the ISO14001 environmental management system certificated process of “the A electronics company” is taken as an example. Through in-depth interviews of the company’s top-manager of environmental department, we assess and analyze these success factors of ISO 14001 environmental management systems certificated and implemented. Using vote-ranking approach, we evaluate and calculate the priority number of environmental management factors. We will find out the critical success factors (CSFs) and set a standard operation procedure as the references to the environmental evaluation and management for ISO14001 certification or execution.

Keywords: Vote-Ranking Method; ISO14001 Environmental Management System; Critical Success Factors (Csfs)